0.5Y Scalamandre Paradiso Turquoise Blue Bird Tropical Floral Silk Warp Print MSRP $450.00

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Price is for 0.5yard piece
Stunning silk warp print with a magical atmosphere.By ScalamandreSKU: 000216523Name: PARADISO 68% POLYESTER;32% SILK 42.5″V x 34.75″H 54″wideMade in FRANCEMSRP $450.00 PER YARD

Color: Rich saturated turquoise blue. Prints in many shades: red, yellow, blue, pink.

Something unique: the print has a unique “water color” or “warp” effect, instead of “uniformly sharp and defined” edge. This unique technique makes the print just harder to produce and more expensive.

Total available yards presently: See print-out in photo. In several pieces.



Magnificent, imaginative, colorful, mesmerizing…