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Clarence House Sung Dynasty Kang’ji Chinese Calligraphy Print Almond Yellow Cream Cotton


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Price is per yard. Total available: 10.375yards, 1.625yards.

By Clarence House.

Pattern name: Sung Dynasty Stylish Chinese calligraphy writing printed on cotton.

Sung or Song Dynasty (960–1279), considered one of its most brilliant cultural epochs, was famous for its fine art, literature, porcelain,calligraphy, textile, tea as well its democratic and egalitarian civil service system.

The English translation are put next/below some of the characters by Silkresource.

The English translation is NOT on the fabric.

Weight: about 0.5lb/yard.

For drapery and medium duty upholstery.

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Asian/Oriental/Chinoiserie, Figurative, Novelty, Traditional/Classy

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Upholstery fabric, Velvet


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