Scalamandre Acorn Damask Moss Gold Green 100% Silk fr Italy MSRP$252 Iridescent Magic !Old World Weavers

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Acorn is cute, sculptural, resilient and tasty (to feed best live stocks in Italy), but the only problem is it is a bit rough. Now in 100% silk that little problem is solved! You can wrap yourself or most delicate gifts in acorns.

MSRP $252/yard a few years ago. Now similar Silk goes for about $300/yard. Iridescency adds more magic to this magical tree, or seed. Color:Moss/gold
Fiber Content:100% Silk
Material Width:56″
Pattern Repeat Width:
Vert: 24.5″, Horiz: 28″
Country of Origin:Italy

Drapery & light duty upholstery (with backing) SKU:
SB 80031932

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