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Wedding Gown From Original Silk Lampas

From our creative client:

“About a year ago, you were able to procure my dream fabric for me. I made it into my wedding dress. My husband doesn’t want his face on the internet, and I don’t have a foto of only me, but we agreed to send you this pic, which you can put into your gallery, if you wish. A thousand thanks from me for that beautiful, beautiful fabric!

Best wishes, K.  “

Something actualized from our own vision, created by our own eyes and hands, is a thousand times more satisfying than store bought mass production. Not to mention this wedding gown can be worn again and again in different occasions. , while you can pick 100% silk and have it custom-made into a truly one-of-a-kind attire.

Fabric cost: anywhere $300-1000 total fabric cost.

Sewing service: Anywhere $200-800 that create local jobs and support individual artisans.

Total cost: $500-2000 max.

Vs Those so called high fashion, mostly in polyester (=plastic), mostly will never be worn again, mostly will be “out of style” in 5-10 years, costs $5K and above.

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Vintage Chair in Scalamandre Watermark Moire Ming Yellow

In his New York home, Mr. Lazarus Douvos picked the perfect fabric to reupholster tat special chair.

Moire, with its subtle yet rich texture, picks up light and provides a gently yet sure ambience.

We have Watermark in 3 colorways: Ming Yellow, Tea & Peony.

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Valentine’s Day: Red, Pink, Silk & Flowers in Garland

First lady Laura Bush redid the Green Room in White House. The silk damask by Scalamandre she chose became the focal point of the whole space. It both anchors and enlivens the green walls and portraits.

The timeless beauty of Neoclassical is, surprisingly, deep rooted in nature and human’s relationship to them.

Here is Scalamandre Josephine 100% Silk Damask Classic Laurel Wreath Butterfly Neoclassical

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By Erin Solaro.

Artist’s statement, “Fabulous silk and I had the perfect pattern, The Assembly Line’s Box Pleat Dress. Had to do a little careful pattern matching on the sleeves, which was a good exercise. Please forgive the wrinkles, I wore it before photographing it. Won’t work for another project (as you note, the pattern is very large) but I am sure you have other fabrics that will.”

“Are you a professional seamstress or designer?”

Erin Solaro, “No, self-taught. Do this as a form of political / culture protest: I reject fast fashion.”

CLARENCE HOUSE LES OISEAUX ENCHANTES BIRD PRINT SILK is one of the most stunning prints we’ve ever seen, but our client’s creativity brought its versatility to another level.

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Lee Jofa LE CYGNE STRIPE on Chairs from John Jay & Alexander Hamilton

Antique chairs from estate of John Jay. Before that they belonged to Alexander Hamilton. Two of America’s Founding Fathers.

From our client, “The chairs were in terrible shape when I found them, but that meant I could afford them, and then afford restoration once I found someone I trusted to do the job. If the provenance is correct, they came from the John Jay house in Bedford, NY, and before that belonged to Alexander Hamilton. May or may not be true, but they are really beautiful and deserve beautiful covers.”

When every bit of things were precious and meant to last for decades and generations. A furniture should be used for at least equal amount of years that takes to grow the tree.

Restoration, giving a historical piece new life, is so rewarding.

Client already has the chairs restored but when they found Lee Jofa Le Cygne Leeda & Swan Silk Lampas, they had to redo the job—the neoclassical silk honors its history and also achieves aesthetic perfection. Merely 1.5 yards of Lee Jofa Le Cygne was needed.

Before and after

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Belgium Antique Chairs (1720s) in Scalamandre Paradiso Silk Turquoise Blue

Merely 1.5 yard of this silk gives a glorious rebirth of these antique chairs! Our client certainly chose the right fabric!

Warp printed silk has a water color effect like no other textile. It is light weight but surprisingly durable! Here is the fabric by Scalamandre: