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Many clients asked for this this service so we decided to offer it to public.

Minimum $75 per project for first hour.

After that $60/hour.

When it comes to fabric and drapery,  I have handled literally 20,000 + high fabrics intimately.
In the department of fabric only, I am probably more experienced than a lot of licensed interior designers who have to deal another 50 departments of design.
Well versed and traveled, we are familiar with all the aesthetics vocabulary of textile.
What we provide?
  • Help client picking the right fabric (yours, ours or third vendors). This process is vital and very nuanced. We can help you avoid expensive mistakes. This process can take days and hours and 20+ emails. Whatever it takes, we are here until the best choice for you is made. Most of us have to either hire a designer or spend hours learning the “which & what” and still make less than ideal decisions.
  • Calculating yardages: A lot of interior designer or upholstery shop will quote yardage on the higher side to save their own time & trouble. Clients ends up with extra yards of fabric. We see this again and again.
  • Budgeting: So often a client comes for a fabric in our store, after learning their actual project and budget, we’d find something cheaper for them.   We can also source and direct client to a better budget, by changing design, item or vendor.  Recently we have save a client $2000+ for their draperies (yardage saving+sewing labor).
  • Design consultation: The right design, size, trim, lined or interlined, aesthetics & care means a world of difference. How to coordinate the fabric with your house, room, furniture, rugs, windows, landscape and even future acquisitions?
  • Custom textile design: The Haute Couture of textile! We can help you custom design/dye/weave your own fabric! Minimum order 25 yards.
    Historical-reproduction-palest-peach-cream Silk Damask from Renaissance/
  •  At last (actually the easiest part): help you find the right sewing room (ours or others).
  • Our sewing service


How do we work together?

Email is much preferred way of communication. (time efficient, easy to organize and follow, photo exchange and time tracking).

Email us your project summary, photos of the room, inspiration etc. Initial exchange/call is free.

After you decide to hire us, please pay $75 for first hour.

Rest will be billed when consultation ends.


About our sewing room:

1. in the trade for 30+ years. Familiar with all kinds of designs, fabrics and possible mistakes! Devoted to each project.

2. all the expensive professional machines;

3. hand finished details; high quality craftsmanship.

4. Our projects: NBA players, villas in Italy, high end custom built homes and more.



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