100%Silk Damask Lisere Rose Urn Renaissance “Palm” Light Green Neoclassical

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HR 13.5 inchesVR 17 inches

Fabric house Others
Fabric color “palm”, light soft cream, green, blue, red, yellow
Fabric type 100% silk jacquard
Fabric width 55
Reversible no
Suggested use drapery, light upholstery, bedding
HRAvailable: 34.125y & 59.125y. Your order will be in one piece, if possible.

HR 13.5 inches

VR 17 inches

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Damask, Floral, Medallion, Neoclassical, Renaissance, Retro, Reversible, Tree/Foliage, Vegetable/Fruit

Fabric Type

Silk Brocade, Silk Damask, Silk Jacquard, Silk Lisere