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Scalamandre Orissa Sheer Grey Watkins Copper Silk Double Organza Tulip MSRP USD 212/Y



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Price is per yard.

Total yards available (serial number & yardage):Serial No#

PIECE#             YARD

1495004B      2.38y
096103D        5.38y
1495006B      2.13y
1495014        1.88y
1495009B     4y
1496004        3.5y
1495001B     4.25y
1495002C     5.25y
096102a        4y
0447005       1.25y
096101A      4.25y
096101C     2.88y
096101E     5.25y
096103E     3.38y
131801B     1.63y
131801C     3.75y
131801D     4y
131801E     2y
131802A     3.88y
131802D    4.38y
1353002     1.25y
1353004      2y
1395001     4.25y
1395002      3.38y
1395003      4y
1495008     4.38y
1495010     4.25y
1495016     3.88y
1495017     4.88y
1495018     5y
1496001      0.5y
1496002      5y
1496003      3y
321348       7.25y
321642       6y
1353006B  1.12y

Total Available:129.56YARDS

Artistic organza with pocket weave. MSRP $212/yard. 100% silk—superb sheen and body.

Reversible. Semi-sheer.

The tulips are like color painting with minuet details of a brushwork…

Width 54″, HR13″, VR27″ .

Suitable for drapery & garment. Will make a gorgeous gown!

Fiber, repeat, width, weight, country of origin, retail price/yard:


Please see photos.

Note the retail price/yard sometimes are from a few years ago, 

current price or for similar textile can be 10-30% higher

Our price is way below wholesale and sometimes even production price.

First quality with no issues.




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Art Deco, Contemporary, Floral, Texture/Small Scale, Traditional/Classy

Fabric Type

Silk Chiffon, Silk Garment, Silk Jacquard, Silk Organza


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