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Scalamandre Orissa Sheer Grey Watkins Copper Silk Double Organza Tulip MSRP USD 212/Y



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Price is per yard.

Grey Watkins created Orissa Sheer with a romantic yet practical mind. The double organza is in an unique pocket weave, resulting a fuller and three-dimensional texture.

Two sides are in 2 colors that penetrate through to each other and blend into a new iridescence.  The flowers, lily, tulip or wild flower, sway atmospherically in the wind. It evokes a natural open-space feel. Imaging your sheer or drapery in the breeze from the outdoors.

Orrisa will make stunning dress as well! It is semi sheer (much more opaque than simple plain weave organza) and reversible.


Pocket weave, also known as pocket cloth or pocket fabric, is a weaving technique characterized by the formation of small, raised pockets on the fabric surface. These pockets are created by intentionally leaving certain warp or weft threads loose or slack during the weaving process, resulting in a three-dimensional texture.

Total yards available (serial number & yardage):Serial No#

PIECE#             YARD

  • 1495004B      2.38y
  • 096103D        5.38y
  • 1495006B      2.13y
  • 1495014        1.88y
  • 1495009B     4y
  • 1496004        3.5y
  • 1495001B     4.25y
  • 1495002C     5.25y
  • 096102a        4y
  • 0447005       1.25y
  • 096101A      4.25y
  • 096101C     2.88y
  • 096101E     5.25y
  • 096103E     3.38y
  • 131801B     1.63y
  • 131801C     3.75y
  • 131801D     4y
  • 131801E     2y
  • 131802A     3.88y
  • 131802D    4.38y
  • 1353002     1.25y
  • 1353004      2y
  • 1395001     4.25y
  • 1395002      3.38y
  • 1395003      4y
  • 1495008     4.38y
  • 1495010     4.25y
  • 1495016     3.88y
  • 1495017     4.88y
  • 1495018     5y
  • 1496001      0.5y
  • 1496002      5y
  • 1496003      3y
  • 321348       7.25y
  • 321642       6y
  • 1353006B  1.12y

Total Available:129.56YARDS

Artistic organza with pocket weave. MSRP $212/yard. 100% silk—superb sheen and body.

Reversible. Semi-sheer.

The tulips are like color painting with minuet details of a brushwork…

Width 54″, HR13″, VR27″ .

Suitable for drapery & garment. Will make a gorgeous gown!

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Our price is way below wholesale and sometimes even production price.

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Art Deco, Contemporary, Floral, Texture/Small Scale, Traditional/Classy

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Silk Chiffon, Silk Garment, Silk Jacquard, Silk Organza


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