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Timeless Elegance! The Beauty of the Red Cut Velvet Renaissance Chair and Pillow

Our Renaissance cut velvet, inspired by exquisite historical designs, offers unmatched quality and luxury. If you’re captivated by the elegance showcased in the example photo, you’ll find our fabric to be a perfect match!


Visit the link below to explore our range of colors and patterns. Experience the luxury of Renaissance cut velvet and add a piece of history to your home with our premium-quality fabric.

Scalamandre Pennsbury Cut Linen Velvet Renaissance Coral Red MSRP USD 504/Y

Scalamandre Pennsbury Cut Linen Velvet Renaissance Sand Msrp USD 504/y

Scalamandre Pennsbury Caramel Warm Brown Cut Linen Velvet Renaissance MSRP USD 504/Y

By Yard Kravet Modern Haven Cut Velvet Vanilla Latte MSRP USD 330/Y


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