Wedding Gown From Original Silk Lampas

From our creative client:

“About a year ago, you were able to procure my dream fabric for me. I made it into my wedding dress. My husband doesn’t want his face on the internet, and I don’t have a foto of only me, but we agreed to send you this pic, which you can put into your gallery, if you wish. A thousand thanks from me for that beautiful, beautiful fabric!

Best wishes, K.  “

Something actualized from our own vision, created by our own eyes and hands, is a thousand times more satisfying than store bought mass production. Not to mention this wedding gown can be worn again and again in different occasions. , while you can pick 100% silk and have it custom-made into a truly one-of-a-kind attire.

Fabric cost: anywhere $300-1000 total fabric cost.

Sewing service: Anywhere $200-800 that create local jobs and support individual artisans.

Total cost: $500-2000 max.

Vs Those so called high fashion, mostly in polyester (=plastic), mostly will never be worn again, mostly will be “out of style” in 5-10 years, costs $5K and above.

Decorating with a Budget?

Using high end fabric on light shade is a brilliant idea! Our eyes are naturally drawn to light and the center of the room. Its height also invites contemplative gazing. When the light is on, the beauty of the textile is also amplified and illuminated.

Here, merely one yard is needed for our client to make a statement: Scalamandre Watermark Moire in Ming Yellow.

2nd idea: use high quality textile—something you absolutely love to create a small “nook”. A small space that you will spend a lot of time often. Thus the beauty will be enjoyed more often. In this private retreat, you can disregard other family member’s opinion and simply go with what pleases, energizes and revitalizes you and you only.

Here is what our client did with some extravagant silk lampas. Merely 2 yards, full of colors, patterns, fantasies and textures, offers her a piece of heaven that nowhere to be found.

3rd trick: create a “wearable” or “carry-on” piece that you can use and enjoy in different rooms and occasions. A throw can be on the sofa, your reading chair, your table, your bed and even on your evening out!

After you get years of joy out of these pieces, full of our own creative energy, you will see so clearly how “affordable” and “economical” such projects are! Even half a yard, as a gorgeous table running, can make such an impact.

A Tiny Extra Will Save Your Day Down the Road

Every year we have clients coming to ask “this is discontinued and I need just such and such small amount but I cannot find anywhere!”

The chances of finding a discontinued wallpaper, fabric, trim with accurate identification information is very slim. Even with those information it is still very hard. This is from our 14+ years of experience.

You may have to find a creative way to repair that area. Or even replace all the wallpaper, fabric or trim if it’s not too costly. Unless your time has no value, pending two years watching internet is costly too.

1.Next time when you buy new wallpaper, fabric and trim, it is a good idea to have a bit extra for future repair. Because repair will happen. Same with tiles & paint!

2. Save the accurate information of the material: Brand, pattern name, colorway, SKU # and even dye lot.

Do not just put it on paper. Save it on your email or/and computer.

Experienced designers may know this. The rest of us (99%) learn this too late!

Why Drapery in Silk is a League of its Own

Because it catches light like no other fibers.

Because it reflects the colors in light with a higher level of saturation. Yes, you’ve seen red, pink, blue and green, but until you see red, pink, blue and green—-in 100% silk.

Even white and translucent—-look nicer in silk.

From House Beautiful, Sep 2015.