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Wedding Gown From Original Silk Lampas

From our creative client:

“About a year ago, you were able to procure my dream fabric for me. I made it into my wedding dress. My husband doesn’t want his face on the internet, and I don’t have a foto of only me, but we agreed to send you this pic, which you can put into your gallery, if you wish. A thousand thanks from me for that beautiful, beautiful fabric!

Best wishes, K.  “

Something actualized from our own vision, created by our own eyes and hands, is a thousand times more satisfying than store bought mass production. Not to mention this wedding gown can be worn again and again in different occasions. , while you can pick 100% silk and have it custom-made into a truly one-of-a-kind attire.

Fabric cost: anywhere $300-1000 total fabric cost.

Sewing service: Anywhere $200-800 that create local jobs and support individual artisans.

Total cost: $500-2000 max.

Vs Those so called high fashion, mostly in polyester (=plastic), mostly will never be worn again, mostly will be “out of style” in 5-10 years, costs $5K and above.

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