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Old World Weavers our Picks

Iris Apfel & Carl married on February 22, 1948, and set up business two years later, after searching for a fabric that didn’t exist. Apfel called a friend’s weaver father to make the design for her, which was so successful the Apfels decided to open Old World Weavers, producing replicas of 17th-, 18th-, 19th-, and early 20th-century fabrics.

Drawing from global adventures and time spent exploring abroad, Iris Apfel brought her overseas inspiration to life and founded Old World Weavers in 1950. Today, Old World Weavers is considered one of the most respected luxury textile brands in the industry, and is known for its blend of sophisticated historical design, and an exotic, world travelled aesthetic. Remaining true to its foundation of beautiful design and standard in quality, Old World Weavers’ collections remain rich with history and adventure, while incorporating a unique and independent aesthetic, relevant to both the brand and contemporary trends.


Here are a few our favorites. Each is a true piece of art:


Scalamandre Length 2.5Y Mitra Teal/Plum/Brick on White Crewel MSRP USD 500+/y

Scalamandre Magnificent Lalita Wool Crewel Rose Flower Black MSRP USD494/Y

Scalamandre Teodora Ochre Gold Old World Weavers Silk Damask Renaissance ArtichokeTraditional Damask MSRP USD 338/Y

By Yard Scalamandre Felce Cotton Fern *Yellow* Turtle Dragonfly Newt MSRP USD 276/Y

18 EV32 Square Scalamandre Old World Weavers Mitra Teal/Plum/Brick on White Crewel MSRP USD 500+/y –


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