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How Green is Silkresource?

How Green is Silkresource?

  1. First and foremost, only sell quality things with long life span. Silkresource only sells textile that stands for 20+ years. Most of our textile, under proper care, will last for 20-30 years and more. After that, they will become antique or collectable when other goods have ended up in a dump long ago. Fast fashion is wasteful of land, water, energy, transportation, space, your money (surprise!), and, most preciously, your time and your attention. Eco friendly is our core value. Fabric with 20-30 years of life-span uses 10-20% of resources than something you want to replace in merely 2-5 years.
  2. 99% of our textile is biodegradable. Silk, cotton, linen and wool. Non biodegradable fiber is a huge environment challenge. They will stay on earth for hundreds of years. Before humans find a solution, we have an obligation to use biodegradable fibers.
  3. About 70% of our collections are silk, which uses no pesticide, little or no fertilizer, little or no water. Silkworms feed on beautiful mulberry tree leaves, so it increases forestation rather than deforestation like cotton or linen.
  4. Painstakingly accurate photos: many, various angles, sharp and big. So client knows what they are getting. Low return rate means reduced waste of fuel and time. (Returned goods create about 15 million metric tons of carbon pollution in the U.S. each year
  5. We pack with love, so nothing is damaged. Yes, 0% damage out of our 20,000+ shipments and counting.
  6. We reuse packaging material as much as we can. (Inner packing material is always new)
  7. We don’t print invoice or packing slip which have easily saved 10 trees by now. Why waste thousands of pages when all buyers have record on their computer? Miraculously, not a single buyer complained, out of our 30,000+ clients! We must be like- minded! (For orders over 6 items, we do print the list because now it is a necessity.)
  8. We never send “Thank You” card. Ten thousand plus pieces of paper saved. My philosophy: if our offering and services are good, buyers will return.
  9. We save pieces, scraps, samples and donate them to schools, artists and volunteers to make masks against Covid in 2021. It “costs” us more to save and donate than to toss them away, but we feel good for the environment and the beautiful material itself.
  10. At last, one reason we pay so much attention to your inquiry (purchase or not) is to hopefully catch mistakes by clients, their designer or upholster, so no precious textile and time is wasted.  With so many details, one missing piece can spoil the whole project.

We love everything we offer;

every client is a friend and creative buddy;

we treat every order and inquiry with full attention.  

Because, at last, your time is arguably the most precious resource. 

Live green, live beautifully, live gently on this beautiful Earth.

Runfang & Silkresource Team

Jan 19, 2022

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